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Frank Jasper, His Iconic Role As Vision Quest's "Shute,"​ and Reminiscent Sadness

January 24, 2020

Recognize the name Frank Jasper? How about Brian Shute? Okay, the latter is more of a household wrestling name, but that’s fine with Jasper. After all, it’s difficult to be jealous of yourself.

Brian Shute is the undefeated, herculean 3-time state champion in the movie Vision Quest (1985) played by Frank Jasper. The infamous scene where he carries the telephone pole up and down the bleacher stairs remains the topic of discussion among wrestling fans. Since playing the role of Brian Shute, Frank Jasper has accomplished a great deal. Find out where he is today in this article that features a Q&A with Frank, as he tells about his experience since filming the movie and how he is involved in the sport of wrestling today.

Vision Quest's Shute among stars at Olympic Wrestling Gala

May 30, 2016

Frank Jasper, who played the muscular, menacing undefeated state champ Brian Shute in the iconic wrestling movie "Vision Quest," has joined the list of U.S. wrestlers, celebrities and heroes who will be featured next month at the 2016 Olympic Wrestling Gala presented by the United States Marine Corps.

Meet Frank Jasper, 'Shute' from 'Vision Quest'

April 19, 2016

Three decades after first arriving in theaters, the 1985 movie "Vision Quest" still holds a special place in the hearts and minds of wrestlers and wrestling fans. Based on the popular late 1970s book of the same name by Terry Davis, the movie focuses on high school wrestler Louden Swain in his quest to defeat the muscular, menacing -- and undefeated -- defending state champ, Brian Shute. 

Vision Quest Series Part 2 with Frank Jasper, the man who played the role of Brian Shute

February 08, 2015

On Episode 142 of the Short Time Wrestling Podcast, the second part of the three-part series remembering Vision Quest talks with Frank Jasper, the actor who played the role of Brian Shute.​

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