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The Best Way to Warm Up

Some of the biggest mistakes athletes of all levels make are around pre- and post-workout routines. This month, we are going to focus on pre-workout and warm up routines. They are often done improperly which can potentially be as damaging as not warming up at all.

To maximize performance and help prevent injury, you must warm up your core before participating in any athletic event, regardless of your age.

A common mistake many people make is static stretching prior to an athletic event. Static stretching is good, but only after your workout. This type of stretching prior to an athletic event can fatigue your muscles and set you up for an injury.

Instead, choose to:

  • Jog slowly

  • Do side shuffles

  • Skip

  • Karaoke

  • Jump rope

  • Any combination of the above movements

After doing this for approximately 10-15 minutes, you should produce a light sweat and be ready for any physical activity. This warm up will loosen and lubricate muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs to help prevent injury and prepare you for optimal performance.

Supplements that best support healthy tendons and ligaments are Ligaplex I and II. To keep swelling and inflammation down, Boswellia Complex is an effective option.

Check back next month to learn more about the best ways to cool down after exercise.

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