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Wrestlers, It’s Time to Eat for Optimum Performance!

How do you become the best wrestler you can be? Dedication, commitment to your training, AND by paying attention to details like sleep, hydration and feeding the body with proper nutrition.

Now that summer is over and wrestling season is just around the corner, it’s time to start cleaning up your diet. Eat smart… don’t starve to make weight! There’s a smart way to hit the weight you want and not, I repeat not, starve the body, but you have to start now.

Dump the junk! Remove all the white foods: white sugar, white bread, white potatoes, and anything that breaks down into sugar quickly. That includes foods that are primarily sugar and empty carbohydrates, like fried chips, candy, doughnuts, cookies and cakes. Also avoid soda (especially diet soda), over processed foods, fried foods or foods with preservatives (nitrites, sulfites etc.).

Do eat plenty of fresh organic whole foods whenever possible. Eat organic berries and other fruits (in moderate amounts) that combine natural sugar with fiber to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Your plate should be ¾ salad and vegetables and ¼ lean clean protein with some healthy fats included in every meal. I will share some of my favorite fruits, fats, and proteins in follow up blogs. Until then, feed the body, feed the brain, and always eat for optimum performance. For information regarding a personalized nutritional program, contact me here. Shute….out!

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