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How to Add Versatility & Intensity to Your Weightlifting Workout

Last month, we introduced the interval training method as a way to engage and stimulate all three muscle fibers by using short bursts of movement in a relatively short amount of time.

To ensure that you have a diverse workout schedule, it is important to be knowledgeable of various training techniques. This month, we want to share another method that is the opposite of interval training. But make no mistake; this technique will definitely take your workout to the next level! We call this training technique the Slow Burn.

The Slow Burn will challenge you mentally as well as physically. What we love about this technique is that, when done properly, you connect with and stimulate more muscle fibers than you ever thought possible. At the same time, you are less likely to strain or injure muscles, tendons and ligaments. Injury free training is what it is all about.

The Slow Burn technique can be done with almost any weight lifting movement. The only difference between a regular repetition and a Slow Burn repetition is the speed at which it is performed. A Slow Burn repetition is a 10-second concentric contraction (muscle shortens) followed by a 10-second eccentric contraction (muscle elongates).

By lifting weights in slower repetitions, you will challenge your muscles in a powerful new way. This is why it is best to go easy when first incorporating the Slow Burn technique into your workouts. The muscle burn can sometimes be intense, so you may need to reduce the weight and repetitions that you normally use for your routine.

After workouts, what we drink to help rebuild our muscles and achieve peak performance are shakes made with Whey Pro Complete and SP Complete by Standard Process. SP Complete also comes in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors and a Dairy Free option. Contact Osani Holistic Health Care at (310) 454-4427 or to learn more about these products and to find out how easy it is to sign up for Patient Direct by Standard Process for quick orders and delivery.

Happy Lifting!

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