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Why Sugar Is Not Your Friend

Over the course of the last three months, we have learned about how consuming too much sugar increases our susceptibility to sports injury. As a nation, we are consuming 30% more sugar compared to 30 years ago. We should be aware that high sugar consumption is the leading cause of obesity in the U.S.

In this post, we want to go into more detail about how sugar directly impacts your health and well-being. Sugar feeds bacteria, viruses, candida, yeast, and cancer (see Sugar, Cancer’s Best Friend). As a result of consuming high amounts of sugar, you can experience dysregulation in your gut terrain. Simply put, sugar not only disrupts your body’s process for breaking down and absorbing essential nutrients, but it also weakens your immune system. This is a double whammy to your overall health!

Keep in mind that every organ in your body is connected. When one part is weakened or damaged, it can negatively affect other areas of your body, which in turn will impact your performance on the mat. An excellent way to help you monitor your health and address your nutritional needs is to have a clinical nutrition coach. A clinical nutrition coach can help you understand how your body works, what it needs to heal, restore, and maintain proper function, as well as recommend supplements that help address your nutritional deficiencies.

Remember, sugar is not your friend, so opt out whenever possible. Eat foods rich in protein, nutrients, and healthy fats, such as wild caught salmon, grass fed meats, organic poultry, greens, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

We wish you every happiness in 2018. May it be a year of good health and optimum fitness!

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